The nursery provides breakfast, lunch and snacks for your child throughout the day which are planned in advance on a rotational rota.

We provide a rolling breakfast where we alternate between a variety of cereals/ toast/bread with milk/water and children also receive a varied snack again in the afternoon. Drinks are available throughout the day and the older children are encouraged to go to the fridge and take a drink when they want one.

Our menu provides a full view of what will be available for breakfast, lunch and snacks for the month. This enables parents / carers to plan their child's lunch needs and where required bring a packed lunch as a suitable alternative.

Children may bring packed lunches on any day however we do ask that you encourage healthy eating and refrain from including fizzy juice and sweets.

The nursery also caters for dietary requirements, please contact the nursery or speak to the nursery manager for further information.

Menus are also available to view on the parents notice board.